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17 July 2018

Results Day and Enrolment Information

17 July 2018

Results Day and Enrolment Information

1.Thursday 16th A level Results Day and UCAS Support 10am – 1pm

2.Friday 17th UCAS Support 10am to 2pm

3.Thursday 23rd GCSE Results Day 10am – 1pm

If students are already enrolled in year 11 at CAST they can enrol for the sixth form when they collect their GCSE results.

All other students wishing to enrol at CAST should come to the college reception, Robinson Way, Cambridge (CB2 8PX for SATNAV) on either Thursday 23rd (1pm-5pm) or Friday 24th August 2018 (8am to 5pm).

The college is also open on Tuesday 28th August (8am-5pm).

Staff may also be available on Wednesday 29th and Thursday 30th August by appointment (please contact the email address below)

If a student is unable to attend but wishes to retain their offer, please contact Kimberley Enright ( to book an alternative appointment.

Any students wanting to study L3 courses, but have not previously had a conditional offer from CAST, please come along and meet us at the above times to talk to one of our staff to discuss your options.

Students will need to bring copies of their GCSE results (or equivalent) with them to the meeting. Students who have not met the offer entry requirements should also email us to discuss their options. All enquiries should be emailed to

16 July 2018

CAST New Starters FAQs

16 July 2018

CAST New Starters FAQs

CAST have put together an FAQ document for any new starters. See below or click here to view the pdf version.

‘How long is the school day’

Tutor time begins at 8:30am, with 1st lesson starting at 8:45am. For most, the school day finishes at either 3:40 or 4:30pm – please visit the following link for a breakdown of the school day:

With parental permission, if families prefer for home learning to be completed at home students are allowed to leave at 3:40pm but are also able to stay until 4:30pm.

‘Are there any after school clubs’

Yes, on a Wednesday the PFA offer after school clubs at CAST to all Pre-16 students and finish at 4:30pm. All students are expected to undertake extra-curricular activities. Students will be excused from these if they have other club commitments outside of the college: ie. swimming, karate.

‘What is a Conference Day’

Parkside Federation have conference days, otherwise known as teacher training days throughout the year and these can be found on the college calendar

‘How is progress reported to parents’

The Academy uses Go4Schools to report progress and assessments to parents. More information is available here:

‘What is the school uniform and where can we purchase it’

Please see the website for details regarding our uniform expectations:

‘What do we have to do for the transition of our child from their current school’

Our admissions team, based at Coleridge, will contact each school at any point between now and the 8th May to inform them that your child is transferring to us. There are no forms you need to complete for your current school.

‘Are there any induction days’

Yes, an induction day will take place on Friday 6th July. Students will attend in the day and parents will be invited to come back at 3:30pm for a talk with the Headteacher and other staff members. There will be a chance for you to ask any questions about the practical aspects of starting in September.

‘When can students use the gym’

In PE lessons or any after school extra-curricular session.

‘Do students get the chance to do work experience at a work placement in Year 10/11’

All students undertake a week in Year 10 and 11.

‘Do families need to provide lab coats / goggles etc’

No, safety equipment is provided and maintained by the College.

‘Is the school canteen providing hot meals? Is it cash payment or online payments’

The College has independant on site caterers and offer hot and cold food at break and lunchtimes. We encourage students not to bring cash on to the site. Parents can top up via Parentmail +Pay from home or students are able to top up at reception using their own credit/debit card.

Free school meal information and further information regarding catering is available here:

‘Travelling to the College’

Current information regarding travel can be found here – Further information will be available on the Induction day in July.

13 July 2018

Raising Money for Oxfam’s Goat Aid

13 July 2018

Raising Money for Oxfam’s Goat Aid

Well done to Jade and her friends from Year 10 whose cake sale this week (21st to 25th May) raised an impressive £96 for Oxfam’s Goat Aid Scheme – which raises money to buy goats for families in Africa that need them.

All their baking paid off because in just a single morning and lunchtime break, they managed to raise enough to buy three goats. They’re now planning their next fundraiser, however, with the aim of bringing the total to £150 – where Oxfam pledges to buy a grand total of 10 goats.

The goats provide families in Africa with much needed milk and cheese which they can then eat or sell to raise money as well as the potential to breed the animals for meat.

Friday 13th July we had a non-school uniform day which brought the fundraising total to £150.65 (with a few more coins to come!) – which means there’s enough to buy ten goats under Oxfam’s Goat Aid Scheme.

Speaking after the tally hit the £150 mark, Jade said: “It’s really nice to be able to help people because one goat can change a life!”

12 July 2018

Colchester Zoo Trip

12 July 2018

Colchester Zoo Trip

Our Year 12 A Level students invoked a bit of trip envy this week – with a visit to Colchester Zoo for some important learning as well as fun activities.

As part of their Biology, Environmental Science and Psychology studies, the students had a Conservation talk designed to help put everything they’ve learnt so far into context.

Their second talk was all about animal behaviour – followed by a chance to have a go at training the zoo’s goats using a technique the zoo uses to manage the animals with the minimum of stress.

Daniel, one of the students who went, said: “It was a really enjoyable trip. I never thought training goats could be that much fun.”

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