A Level Success Stories

There have been numerous individual successes, here are a few examples:

  Peter Reeve AAA* A Levels and A* EPQ

Peter came to UTC to study A levels having relocated to England from New Zealand. He joined UTC with six IGCSE passes (slightly below the normal entry requirement) and today celebrates having achieved A grade A levels in Chemistry and Physics an A * in Biology and an A* for his EPQ project which investigated how binaural beats affect cognitive ability.

Peter will now go on to study Medicine after a well-deserved year out. “I have really enjoyed the people I met here and we had a lot in common – the teachers are amazing and because it is quite a small college you form a much deeper connection with the staff and they are always happy to help. I’m really pleased with my results and so happy that I can follow the career path I want to.”

Vicki Reeve (Peter’s mum) was clearly delighted with her son’s achievements and commented that the school’s flexibility and excellent teaching staff, meant that they could see Peter’s potential and enable him to achieve to the full.

Shannon Roberts AAC A Levels and A* EPQ

Being a practical learner, Shannon was attracted to UTC Cambridge by the idea of the Challenge projects and the fantastic facilities and equipment at the college. She was delighted today to learn she had achieved AAC in her Biology, Geography and Chemistry A levels and an A* in her EPQ, which explored how equine physiotherapy techniques could be applied beneficially to human brain injury patients. 

She has now secured a place at Coventry university to study Physiotherapy.“It was my work placements at UTCC that helped me decide exactly what I wanted to do. I worked with Addenbrookes Hospital in various departments and my experience in the Physio Department really made up my mind. I then went to Highfields in Ely and realised that I wanted to work with trauma and brain injury patients in the long-term. I have loved UTCC, the facilities and teaching, and of course all the work placements and projects have been inspiring.”

Shelly-Ann Coutts. Triple Distinction* in BTEC Applied Science

Having studied for her AS year at another school and not quite achieving her best, Shelly-Ann decided to start again with a BTEC course in Applied Science. She is delighted to learn that this was a very wise decision resulting in Triple Distinction*.

Now Shelly-Ann plans to go on to Bournemouth University to study a Forensic Biology Degree. “I always had an interest in forensics and crime scenes and I excelled in Biology. The course at Bournemouth combines all the elements that excite me and now I can’t wait to pack! I have met the best friends I could ever ask for here and I have loved being able to work with companies on our challenge projects. A recent project with the Botanical Gardens and the Sanger Institute where we DNA barcoded an endangered species of plant resulted in data which is now in an official European bio database. I was able to include this in my personal statement when applying for Uni places and feel that my experience of real lab processes gave me a bit of an edge.”

Jonathan Howes Triple Distinction* in BTEC Applied Science

Jonathan plans to make a difference in the world and to work in the field of environmental disaster planning and management. His unbeatable grades have secured him a place on the Environmental Geography degree course at York University which for him is a dream come true.

“At UTC Cambridge, the teachers encouraged me to aim for top marks and helped me to stay motivated. The BTEC course is hard work and the continual assessment really helped me stay on track. I’m thrilled to be able to go to York, the trips and surveys are fantastic. The college introduced me to opportunities and encouraged me to connect with the Science Community. I’m really grateful and I’m proud of my friends and happy for them that they have all done so well.” 

Sadek AhmedTriple Distinction* in BTEC Applied Science

“Studying a BTEC instead of A levels really suited me. It allowed to me monitor and control my own destiny. Each assignment I undertook was assessed and that helped me know how I could improve and what I needed to do to achieve top grades.” He felt that nowhere locally had the same facilities and seized the opportunity to study at UTCC.

With his fabulous grades, Sadek is staying in the Cambridge area and is delighted to be going to Anglia Ruskin University to study Biomedical Sciences. Long term he plans to work in pharmacology and pharmaceuticals and the course offers him a perfect combination of Biology and Chemistry studies.

When I applied to ARU it was clear that they were looking for students who knew their stuff, but being able to say I also knew how to use the equipment and undertake research professionally obviously impressed them and will give me a head-start on the course.”

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