Three years on and three good reasons to celebrate

Yesterday evening we were proud and pleased to celebrate the many successes of the college and our students and also the launch of our new name Cambridge Academy for Science and Technology. We were honoured and delighted to welcome Lord Baker, Chairman of the Baker Dearing Educational Trust who congratulated all involved.

Please read our press release:

Today Cambridge’s University Technical College celebrated not only its third birthday and the many and varied student successes to date, but also the fact that the academy has joined Parkside Federation Academies from 1st September, and the launch of a new name and logo. This represents all that the flourishing academy has come to symbolise and strive for.

This is a place of learning to be proud of …” commented Jon Green, Chair of the Board of Governors as he thanked staff, Baker Dearing’s UTC movement and Parkside Federation Academies for their support “enabling us to achieve our ambitions and outcomes for our students, their hard work has been rewarded with a grading of “good” from Ofsted, an outstanding achievement.”

Cambridge Academy for Science and Technology is the new name for this specialist college, “We wanted a name that explained exactly what we do here, working with the inspiring science community of Cambridge. The culture of our Academy and the specialist nature of our Science and Technology curriculum combine to ensure that our students enjoy their studies at the heart of an innovative, exciting and ground-breaking environment”.  said Sian Foreman, Headteacher.

Lord Baker, Chairman of the Baker Dearing Educational Trust said in relation to the academy’s recent Ofsted grading “Staff and students at Cambridge Academy for Science and Technology, which is still part of the UTC movement, have had a busy year with much to celebrate. Since Sian Foreman was appointed as Head teacher positive steps have been taken to improve the school. Their exam results have seen much improvement and Ofsted have recognised their hard work. My congratulations go to all those involved. You are part of the UTC movement, a bigger group – keep contact with them. I wish you absolute, excellent success.”

One of the key differences at Cambridge Academy for Science and Technology, along with all UTCs, is the commitment to modernising education by working in collaboration with industry partners in order to develop skills that lead to employment as well as ensuring that students gain the qualifications that accredit them.  The growing army of industry partners working with the academy were well represented at the celebratory event.  It is not only biotech companies like MedImmune that are experiencing difficulty in recruiting suitably skilled staff.  “Show me an industry where the shortage of key staff is not an issue.” commented Lee Smith of ARM.  “We work in an industry where technology has a short shelf life, the rate of change is phenomenal.  We need people who relish learning, specialists who can adapt and take a long term view. Educationalists need to recognise this and start to change the way education is delivered in the UK – not everyone is suited to our default academic trajectory and the unquestioning inertia in education is not supporting STEM employers.  Cambridge Academy for Science and Technology is dedicated to giving to students exactly the kind of opportunity that works.  The most powerful reason for doing anything at all is that it is the right thing to do – that is why ARM is proud to support the academy and the effective style of STEM education that it represents.”

Anne Campbell, Chair of the PFA MAT “We at PFA are delighted to welcome Cambridge Academy for Science and Technology into the MAT and we value the specialism that this brings. The academy continues to be extremely proud to be a UTC, part of a very exciting vision and one which is changing the course of British Education.  We intend to help achieve that vision.” 

Jon Green (Medimmune), Sian Foreman, Rosie, Lord Baker, Charles Parker (Baker Dearing), Anne Campbell (PFA MAT) Sian Foreman, Lord Baker, Alistair Easterfield Maisie, Annan, Lord Baker, Luke, Rosie

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